Lynk & Co 02 & 03 PHEV

Power system, both cars are 1.5T engine + motor plug-in hybrid system, of which 1.5T engine maximum power is 179Ps, system integrated maximum power 256Ps, power battery capacity is 9kWh, pure electric cruising range 51km.

The official announcement of the Lectra 03 PHEV’s comprehensive cruising range is up to 992km, and the overall fuel consumption is 1.7L/100km.

动力系统,两车均是1.5T发动机+电机的插电混动系统,其中1.5T发动机最大功率为179Ps,系统综合最大功率256Ps,动力电池容量为9kWh,纯电续航里程51km。官方公布领克03 PHEV的综合续航里程最大可达992km,综合油耗为1.7L/100km。

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