Tesla loses 11,000 euros per car sold

But still Tesla is valued at $60 billion.

The scientist investigated the size of the margin on each car sold. The Austrian magazine Industriemagazin published figures showing that Ferrari makes more than € 69,000 profit per vehicle sold. With that, it has a huge lead on number two: Porsche. The profit margin of that company is at € 17,000 at the same level as last year.

Maserati makes 5,000 euros profit per car and BMW, Mercedes and Audi average about € 3,000 per car. Volvo is just below it. Jaguar Land-Rover closes with just € 800 per car. Big losers are Tesla with a loss of € 11,000 on every car delivered. Bentley even € 17,000. At Bentley, however, substantial investments are being made in electric propulsion and these costs weigh heavily on the profit margins. The figures are based on the results of the first six months of this year.

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