NextEV’s ES8 SUV 2018 in Shanghai

What a beautiful SUV, IMO far better than Tesla X


The ES8 has two motors — one for each axle — that, combined, put out 480kW of power (or about 644 horsepower). That will get the ES8 from 0–100 kilometers per hour in about 4.4 seconds.

2 E-motors
Range: 355KM

4 thoughts on “[Detail Testing] NextEV’s ES8 SUV 2018 in Shanghai”
  1. I think those “Mandarin duck” taillights lack originality. They’ve become trite, after so many automakers have used them, in an infinite number of variations .

  2. The ES8 electric SUV starts at roughly $68,000 USD, which is about half the price of a Tesla Model X in China. Furthermore, the ES8 returns an estimated 220 miles of range with its dual-electric motors and battery pack. The least expensive Model X will go 237 miles. And Nio is forging ahead with a thus far stillborn concept for Tesla: battery swapping. The 70 kilowatt-hour battery pack can be swapped in as little as three minutes with its quick-swap system. The company has plans for 1,100 swapping stations in China by 2020 to ease range anxiety. Nio will even offer a service in which a van will come out to charge the ES8 for 10 minutes to give it 62 miles of range.

    The two electric motors provide 644 horsepower, which is enough for a 0-62 mph sprint of just 4.4 seconds, according to Nio. If we’re sticking to the Model X comparisons, the Tesla will do the deed in 3.3. seconds.

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