BYD Han Coming To Europe

BYD announced today that its new pure electric flagship model, the BYD Han, will be revealed in Europe, where the company is currently expanding (starting with the Tang model).

There is no timeframe yet (in China Han will be available from late June), but BYD has announced expected prices of the Han in Europe: from €45,000 to €55,000 ($49,000-$60,000).

“After thorough appraisal of the European markets, a projected MSRP for the Han EV is expected to be in the €45,000 to 55,000 range, placing it firmly in the premium-spec, executive car segment.

That’s more than some hoped for, but it’s targeted for the premium luxury saloon market and probably will be well equipped. Also, the range and acceleration numbers are great: 605 km (376 miles) NEDC and 0-100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration in just 3.9 seconds.