31% of all Porsches go to China in 2018

From now on Porsche will transport its cars to China instead of by sea. This saves a considerable amount of time.

Porsches, like many other expensive cars, are in great demand in China. In 2018 no less than 31 percent of the produced Porsches went to this country, or 80,000 units. Until recently, this meant a journey by ship of some 18,500 kilometers, which takes about 50 days. From now on, 11 percent of the Porsches destined for China have a different fate: the train.

Via the so-called New Silk Route, a rail link that runs from Europe to China via Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, the cars will be transported 11,000 km to the East from April onwards. This journey only takes 20 days, which means the cars have to arrive at their destination three weeks earlier.

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