Geely Xingyue coupe SUV 2019 model

Geely’s first coupe SUV, code-named FY11 internally, has been officially named “Xingyue”, the automaker announced on February 22.

The new model, based on the CMA (Compact Modular Architecture) platform that is jointly developed by Geely and Volvo, is named after a main-belt asteroid between Mars and Jupiter that was discovered at the Lijiang Observatory, Yunnan observatories of CAS by a Geely-owned astronomer team. Geely said it has filed an application to the International Astronomical Union for naming the newly-discovered star “Xingyue” and its new coupe SUV will be the world’s only one vehicle model that features the same name as an asteroid.


1.5 Turbo: 177HP

2.0 Turbo: 238Hp

Price: $21,000

吉利汽车正式将此前代号为FY11的轿跑SUV定名为“星越”, 将小行星的名称赋予新车, 寓意“星耀不凡,越领未来”,也代表着一种永不止步的探索精神。“星越”这一名称来源于一颗轨道位于火星和木星之间的主带小行星,这颗小行星由吉利下属的天文小组于中国科学院云南天文台丽江观测站正式发现,并已经通过了国际天文学联合会(简称IAU)的认证。

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6.8秒破百 2019抢先体验全新吉利首款轿跑SUV星越2.0 COUPE


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The SUV, specially for the Chinese market, gets the name Xingyue, which is quite impossible for us. Geely takes the well-known CMA platform as a basis. That is the same basis as we find under our Volvo XC40s. Not a surprising choice, because Geely developed this modular platform in collaboration with subsidiary Volvo. In addition to Volvo and Geely, Link & Co also uses this same platform for its 01, 02 and 03. For now, there is one engine available for the Geely Xingyue: a 238 hp gasoline engine that delivers 350 Nm. Basically all the power of the car… Read more »