ENOVATE: Energy, Nature, Original, Value, Ambition, Technology en Enjoy

Dearcc which started in 2015 on of LeTV’s incubator projects launched its luxury EV brand ENOVATE on the 31st of July 2018 in Beijing. Enovate targets the medium to large luxury car segment aiming to build electric cars that will compete with Tesla with German quality. Enovate will launch 8 cars on three expandable platforms in the next five years with a sales target of 360,000 units.

The Enovate team mostly consists of members from SAIC Volkswagen, BMW, Volvo and Porsche.

The Enovate strategy is named “DNA” and includes Fuel Cell Vehicles from mid-2019 and Solid State Batteries early 2020. The first vehicle will be an SUV debuting in October 2018. ENOVATE has no production permit yet and will produce through its production partner SOUEAST. ENOVATE developed a new intelligent digital architecture named iMA (Intelligent Modular Architecture). iMA integrates hardware, software, applications, and cloud services into four layers of content to enable platform-based technology sharing.