China being #1 auto producer since 2013, Europe #2

Why do they always want to compare the entire Europe vs China, why not take entire Europe vs Entire Asia? Is Europe a country?

Europe is no longer the world’s biggest car producer. China is #1.

According to the latest figures from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) in 2013 China produced 18.2 million passenger cars. That is 27.6 percent of the total, nearly 66 million units. The joint BRIC countries (China, India, Russia and Brazil, also called “emerging markets”) built nearly 26 million cars.

Europe accounted for a share of 22.3 percent, representing 14.6 million cars. After Japan followed with 12.5 percent (8.2 million cars) and the so-called NAFTA region, consisting of the US, Canada and Mexico with 10.8 percent (7 million cars).

South Korea kept 6.3 percent of the total passenger car production, India and Brazil 4.8 4.2 percent. While car production is fairly stable in most countries and regions for years, China has experienced tremendous growth since the beginning of this century; less than one million were around 2000 cars built in the year 2013 that there were already more than 18 million.

Total global passenger car production increased to 66 million copies. Since 1997 from just under 40 million units We also calculate the commercial cars with it, then the counter in 2013 to 87 million.


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