Driven By BYD (Build Your Dreams)

Follow this 20,000 Travel Route by Two Dutch young men:
From Shanghai China to Rotterdam Holland

It’s a dream journey sponsored by only Chinese brands. From China to Europe, a Chinese car and some Chinese devices like phones, laptops and cameras will witness our dream to come true. In the journey, we will show you a Brand New China with the sceneries, people and culture along the silk route. BYD, the leading Chinese car maker, will take the rigorous challenge and show you how reliable and excellent a Chinese car can be. Please wait and see.

Hello, we’re Brand New China…you can just call us Maren and Rogier, or as the Chinese nicknamed us, ‘Big Holland’ and ‘Small Holland’. After living in China for many years we decided to leave our daily lives behind and fulfill our dream: driving from China to Holland on the old Silk Road. Along the way, we want to show you a ‘brand new China’ by traveling with Chinese brands only and show you the diversity and enthusiasm of the people of the Middle Kingdom.


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