Average salary in China per branch

统计局首公布不同岗位平均工资 金融业最高

Year 2013: 1 USD = 6.0 Chinese Yuan




The three industries with the highest per capita annual salary are still the financial industry, 99,659 yuan, 1.94 times the national average; 90,926 yuan for the information transmission, software and information technology services, 1.77 times the national average; scientific research and technology services , 76,603 yuan, is 1.49 times the national average.

The industry with the lowest per capita annual salary is only 25,820 yuan, which is 50% of the national average. In other words, the “first place” financial industry and the “countdown first place” agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery are nearly four times different.

There is also a job gap. The average salary of the person in charge of the unit is 2.35 times the average level of all employed personnel; the average salary of the commercial and service personnel is the lowest, which is 86% of the average level of all employed personnel. The ratio of the highest and the lowest average wage of the job is 2.73.