[2013] China auto import & export data

Containers are being loaded from trucks onto a cargo ship for export at the Tianjin port in China.

2013, total imports and exports of auto related goods reached $ 160 billion USD, an increase of 5.42%. Among them, the amount of imports of automobile goods, reached 82.523 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 5.50%, an increase of roughly equal with last year; imported cars reached 1,195,400 units, an increase of 5.57%, imports of automobile goods amounted to $ 48.974 billion vehicles, an increase of 2.99%.

2013, automobile goods export slowed down, total exports amounted to $ 78.418 billion, an increase of 5.33%. total exports of cars was 948,100 units in 2013, down 6.59%, total car exports amounted to $ 12.908 billion, down 5.83 percent.

数据显示,2013年,汽车商品进出口总额达到1609.41亿美元,同比增长5.42%,增速比上年略有回落。其中,汽车商品进口金额825.23 亿美元,同比增长5.50%,增幅与上年大致相当;进口整车119.54万辆,同比增长5.57%,进口整车金额为489.74亿美元,同比增长 2.99%,增速比上年有所回落。2013年,汽车商品出口金额增速稳中趋缓,累计出口金额784.18亿美元,同比增长5.33%。汽车整车出口结束了 自2010年以来的连续增长,2013年共出口94.81万辆,同比下降6.59%,出口整车金额为129.08亿美元,同比下降5.83%。

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