The Joint Venture of Great Wall Automobile Starts to Export Cars to Italia

The Litex factory built by Great Wall Automobile and Bulgaria Litex holds a ceremony to start to export 75 cars to Italia for the first time. In accordance to the news that day, this is also the first time for Litex to export to west Europe. Metodi Stoinev, the minister of economy and energy department of Bulgaria, said in the ceremony, “It is a great news for Bulgaria to export cars to west Europe and could contribute to economy absolutely. For Bulgaria, more venture means more job opportunities. This is quite important.” The CEO of Bulgaria Litex also said, “The automobile manufactured by young Bulgaria engineer has been exported to west Europe in less than 3 years. We also has become the export partner of Great Wall Automobile.” It is said there are 200 employees in Litex and the output is 50,000 each year. Every single car need to pass 7 quality examination and Litex also got the certificate of ISO9001:2008 issued by VCA. Harvard H6 will be manufactured in the end of this year in Litex. This model is estimated to be the hot model in Bulgaria & Europe market.


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