Local official sacked for buying luxury car

China Daily – An official of a sub-district office in Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi province, was fired after he bought a luxury car with public funds, the Xi’an Evening News reported on Tuesday.

According to the investigation made by the local discipline watchdog, Zhu Puli, director and Party secretary of the city’s Wangsi sub-district office, bought an imported luxury SUV, which breached regulations about official cars.

The report said he was the first official punished for buying a luxury vehicle since the central and local governments stated late last year that officials should not buy luxury cars.

The city’s discipline watchdog said that officials who are found driving luxury cars will be punished.






通报称,要求该市纪检监察机关加大对党政机关公务用车购置使用的监督检查力度,对顶风违纪的发现一起处理一起,绝不姑息。中新网西安3月19日电(记者 田进)