China’s First Killer Drone Lijian (Sharp sword) ready to test

The future of air space belongs to powerful drones.

A pair of grainy photos shot at long distance could be the best evidence yet of Beijing’s first jet-powered and presumably armed drone warplane.

Designed jointly by the Hongdu Aviation Industry Group and Shenyang Aviation Corporation, the Lijian (“sharp sword”) is China’s first stealth drone and the third in the world after the X-47 designed by the United States and France’s nEUROn. The Lijian program was launched in 2009 and the drone’s ground test was conducted on Dec. 13 last year.

China Close To Testing Third Stealth Combat Drone

近日,我国利剑隐身作战飞机正式公开亮相,根据相关图片来看,该机已经完成滑跑试验,首飞指日可待,这是继歼-20、歼-31和某型无人机之后,我国研制的第四种隐身飞机。(以下评论鸣谢小飞猪 图片来源:超级大本营军事)

China builds fast to trigger drone race with America

This is BZK 005 old one