German automaker Daimler AG is seeking Chinese investors and is in talks with China Investment Corp for the sovereign wealth fund to acquire a stake in the auto company.

Daimler reportedly plans to sell a 5-10% stake to China Investment Corp, a sovereign wealth fund responsible for managing a portion of China’s foreign exchange reserves. If the transaction goes smoothly, the investment company will become the automaker’s largest shareholder.

Daimler’s share structure is complicated, with the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait as well as Japan’s Renault-Nissan Alliance among its shareholders.

Among them, an investment company in the United Arab Emirates is the largest shareholder of the automaker with a 9.1% stake, while the Kuwait government holds a 6.9% stake. In addition, the cross-shareholding between the Renault-Nissan Alliance and Daimler has grown to 3.1%.

Like the United States, China has become one of Daimler’s major markets. However, the automaker’s sales in Western Europe have dwindled due to the region’s sluggish economy.

东方早报2013年1月6日报道 据人民网消息, 近日有知情人爆料已确认中投(China Investment Corporation)即将购买戴姆勒4%~10%的股份,但奔驰中国的相关负责人对此事不置可否。






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