Dedicated news thread for Chery’s premium brand Qoros from 2012.12 to 2013.3 Geneve autoshow

Qoros starts in one-go in up-market, premium.

Qoros will stand in the showrooms all around Europe 2014.

The quality and good price wins from all the established brands.

And don’t forget the fact, that many ex-Saab experts work for Qoros. Nevs-Saab is Chinese, Spyker-Phoenix-Saab is Chinese, now Qoros-Saab also Chinese, 3-x Chinese Saabs, it can not be bad. Oh ya there is also another Saab the BAIC-Saab, 4-x new Saabs.

Entering an extremely competitive market like Europe is a really tricky feat to pull off, even by the established automakers, who are not currently present on the Old Continent, and the task is made even more difficult if nobody has heard of a particular brand, because it is completely new.

Such is the case with Qoros, a newly-founded Chinese company which plans to enter the European market with three models, to begin with: a sedan, an SUV and an MPV.

The model will first go on sale in China, in 2013, and Qoros are planning to bring the sedan to Europe, in early 2014.


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