August 26, 2012: On July 24th China tested its new DF-41 ICBM and used a final stage containing multiple warheads. China could put 3-10 warheads in the DF-41 final stage.

Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

The DF-41 is the only Chinese ICBM that can reach all of the United States, in just 30 minutes.

DF-41 has a range of up to 15,000 kilometers and is equipped with 10 nuclear warheads. The Pentagon has already dubbed the DF-41 a “first-strike weapon”, designed to cover the entire US territory.

  • How many DF-41 already in PLA Service?
  • DF-41 was already tested in 2012
  • DF-41 was publicly shown in 2019 National Day Oct 1
  • For China, it should be too easy to produce and deploy at least 2 DF-41 each month
  • Suppose active production of DF-41 started only in 2015
  • Then in 2020 (if Xi Jinping and PLA top realize the importance of DF-41), China should already have at least: 2*12*5= 120 DF-41 missiles
  • Suppose one DF-41 missile deploys only 6 nuke warheads, that’s already in total 720 warheads in 2020.
  • Building a nuke warhead is for China as easy as building one car.
  • China produces 30 million cars per year, massive manufacturing power.
  • China has not only DF-41, but also DF-31A and DF-5
  • DF-41 早在2012就开始测试
  • DF-41 于 2019 国庆节公开亮相
  • DF-41 可带 10 枚核弹头
  • 假设 2015 才正式批量生产 DF-41
  • 假设每个月仅生产 2 枚 DF-41 (及发射车)
  • 那么 2020 今天已经拥有 2*12*5=120 枚 DF-41
  • 假设每枚 DF-41 仅装 6 枚微型核弹头
  • 那么 2020 现在已经拥有 120*6=720 枚东风急远快递
  • 假设对手能拦截10枚中的8枚,那720/5=144枚核弹落地谁能受得了
  • 造一枚微型核弹对中国而言就如造一辆汽车,就这么简单
  • 中国巨大的生产能力,一年生产 3000万台汽车
  • 中国的核武力,想要就有
  • 高层不会不知道 DF-41 的重要性