A total of 37,084 minivans were sold in China last month, China Automarket reported today. The figure is 11.22 percent lower than June’s sales result and .86 percent lower than the amount sold last July. At the same time, 37,906 minivans were manufactured in July, 8.91 percent less than the previous month.

Cumulative minivan sales and production numbers for the first seven months of the year were 285,805 units and 284,420 units, respectively. The numbers represent positive year-on-year growth of 3.62 percent and .08 percent.

Dongfeng Motor led the sales charts for the segment last month, having sold a total of 11,508 minivans. It was followed by Shanghai GM and Jianghuai, which sold 5,707 and 3,936 minivans, respectively. The three manufacturers controlled 57.04 percent of the minivan market. Their cumulative sales figures for the first seven months of the year were 104,345 units, 36,833 units and 30,691 units, respectively.


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