July 04, 2012 Agenzia Giornalistica Italia (Changsha, China) – The Fiat Group’s CEO, Sergio Marchionne, has announced their intention to bring Alfa Romeo to China soon.

“The Chinese market is still interesting, it has just become more competitive and more complex after a moment of great expansion. After the USA, the next stop in the global relaunching of Alfa Romeo will be China. We have not yet decided if we will start production here, but certainly we are of a mind to bring the label (here).” Marchionne made the comments during a press conference held in Changsha, in southern China, for the launching of the new plant which will produce the Fiat Viaggo, a model created specially for the Chinese market and developed with their local partner the Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. Marchionne also expressed his regret for the late arrival of Fiat in China. “It is my fault.

I came here in 2004, but we brought what I consider an antiquated structure which produced models that were not in line with the market. Now we have resolved this, bringing the most advanced productive structure we have to China. It is part of a strategy to bring the Fiat Chrysler segment up to a global scale, and we have specific indications that the Fiat Viaggio model will do well on the Chinese market,” he observed. On the group’s global strategy front, Marchionne announced the starting by Fiat of the process for exercising options on the 3.3% of Chrysler which expires next month and the intention to increase the Turin group’s participation in the US company.

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