Playing WII is for many people a great fun.

Problem 1:
The WII Remote Controller can not get SYNC with the WII Console.
(the Remote Controller is the one you hold on your hand to play with; the WII Console is the WII System)

The problem is:
After pressing the SYNC button of Wii Remote, then you press the SYNC button of the WII Console, the WII Remote does not show the Number of the Player, all the 4 lights are gone after 30 seconds, this means the SYNC action failed.
I tried many times by pressing the SYNC button of the WII Remote then the SYNC button of the WII Console, it does not help. Then I turned off the Power (the WII Adaptor), then turned it ON again, then try the SYNC action, then it worked.

Problem 2:
The LED TV has only one SCART, so I bought a SCART Switch (15 euro), then you can put both the SCART of the WII and the SCART of the satellite into this SCART Switcher, then by pressing the Red Button of the SCART Switcher, then you can change from Satellite channel to WII channel. NOTE: the signal of the Satellite is stronger, so if you want to play WII, then you must turn off the Satellite receiver.

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