China Daily – Ferrari S.p.A Greater China’s president Edwin Frenech apologized to Nanjing citizens for a commercial event at the Zhonghua Gate on Tuesday, according to Yangtse Evening Post, citing an announcement by Nanjing Qinhuai District Tourism Bureau on Tuesday.

The Ferrari China’s official account at the released a media statement in the Tuesday afternoon said a staff from the Nanjing Kuaiyi Automobile Trading Co used the car improperly during the preparation for the display on top of the Zhonghua Gate Castle. Nanjing Kuaiyi Automobile Trading Co is the sales dealer for Ferrari Nanjing.

The management department of the Zhonghua Gate Castle removed Yang Houyi from his director post in consideration of dereliction of duty, according to Yangtse Evening Post.

As a commercial event, A Ferrari sports car is hanged on the Nanjing Zhonghua Gate Castle on Tuesday. The sports car drifted on the city’s historic Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) city gate and castle wall. This event caused great repercussions by the spreading coverage of China media.

Yangtse Evening Post said that the commercial event’s banners, which was attached to the castle entrance, has been removed on Tuesday.

The Ferrari 458 limited edition sports car, event equipments and facilities for the Ferrari twentieth anniversary were all gone. The report said the car was hanged down form the castle at about 22:00 pm on Monday.

Sources with Nanjing Qinhuai District Tourism Bureau said a contract was signed with Nanjing Kuaiyi about Zhonghua Gate Castle protection measures, and Nanjing Kuaiyi was suspected of breaching the contract.

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