BMW sold 217,068 cars in China in 2011 an increase of 37.7%, whilst the MINI range was boosted to 15,518 units showing an impressive 47.7%.

When tallying up the Greater China region, and including the nearby territories of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, combined sales of BMW and MINI vehicles reached over 250,000 units giving a total increase of 37.2% over the previous years.

But according to this report, China is already the largest market for BMW in 2011.

In 2010:

266,009 new BMW and Mini vehicles

Germany remained the company’s largest market in 2010, with December registrations alone increasing 16.6% to 23,550 vehicles. A total of 266,009 new BMW and Mini vehicles were registered in the full year (+3.1% versus 2009’s 258,069).

265,757 vehicles

In BMW’s second-largest market – the US – December sales increased 16.9% to 27,600 vehicles, helped by the full local availability of the 5 Series and strong demand for the X5 and X6 models produced in Spartanburg. The BMW Group increased its sales volumes for 2010 by 9.9% to 265,757 vehicles.

168,998 units

Especially strong growth rates were also reported in China, BMW’s third-largest market. A total of 16,132 BMW and Mini vehicles were sold in December (+59.5%), while sales for the full year rose 86.7% to 168,998 units. The company noted it profited from continued strong demand for the high-end models in its product range.


Sales in the UK, the BMW Group’s fourth-largest market, rose 13.6% to 157,312 units.

Other regions of the world also showed significant growth. Sales in important emerging markets posted double-digit growth: Russia (+26.7% to 21,585 units); South Korea (+74.7% to 19,222); Brazil (+54.5% to 9,886); and India (+72.6% to 6,246).

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