BMW 7 Serie in China

宝马7系,是宝马品牌传统意义上的旗舰级轿车,虽然现在多了一个数字更大的宝马8系,但是8系的定位则更加偏向于跑车属性。 毫无疑问,7系依然是宝马豪华、旗舰的象征。

现款宝马7系售价区间为82.80-242.80万元,动力配置分别为: 2.0T直列四缸的730Li; 3.0T直列六缸的740Li; 4.4T V型八缸的750Li; 6.6T V型12缸的M760Li。

The BMW 7 Series is the flagship car in the traditional sense of the BMW brand. Although there is now an additional BMW 8 Series with a larger number, the positioning of the 8 Series is more biased towards sports car attributes. There is no doubt that the 7 Series is still a symbol of BMW luxury and flagship.

The current BMW 7 Series power configuration is: 2.0T inline four-cylinder 730Li; 3.0T inline six-cylinder 740Li; 4.4TV type eight-cylinder 750Li; 6.6TV type 12-cylinder M760Li .

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