BMW has a Joint Venture with Chinese car producer Brilliance Automobile.

BMW has finally decided to expand its capacity in the production of vehicles as soaring demands from the customers in China. Originally they have plan for $795 million, but now the figures are changed to $1.4 billion. They are going to invest money with local partner Brilliance Automotive in order to expand the annual production to 360,000 vehicles.

Rich Chinese

“The second generation of the rich Chinese is growing up and shopping for cars,” said Cui Dongshu, deputy secretary general of China’s Passenger Car Association. “Luxury automakers want to lure those young customers with lower-end product and prepare them to trade up.”



TWO Factories of Brilliance to produce BMW:

1. 铁西工厂的中期产能将达到20万台。

2. 大东工厂产能将由10万辆/年增至16万辆/年.


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