Great Wall Hover M2 in body shape and size, 4011mm × 1740mm × 1684mm size slightly larger than the cool bears, but the wheelbase is the same, all for the 2499mm; body on the side of the line to go straight, fair, with enough of the masculine qualities of men.

Concerning power, carrying the Great Wall Hover M2 self-developed technology, 4-cylinder with VVT DOHC 16-valve 1.5L engine, its maximum output power of 77kW, the maximum torque 138N · M, emissions can be achieved Europe IV standard. At the same time, two and four-wheel drive models to meet different consumer needs.




As the Great Wall to enter the passenger car market, a pioneer in Hover with quality, the price of a reasonable balance, flexible product strategy and forward-looking grasp of the market demand to ensure that its presence in the Chinese market with great success. In particular, in 2009, with the Hover SUV’s the rise of low-emission, pushing SUV sales once again won the national championship.

Hafer M2 equipped with the Great Wall 1.5VVT engine, maximum power of 77KW, maximum torque of 138N • m, equipped with CVT transmission, fuel economy has outstanding results. Driven approach is adhering to the traditions of the Great Wall SUV, providing two drive and four-wheel drive two kinds of methods, users can choose according to actual needs. In the configuration, the seat belt warning light is not inserted, 12-speaker audio, intelligent electromagnetic back door open, etc., usually only seen in high-end model configuration, are assembled in the Hafer M2, enough to satisfy consumers the daily needs.

Hafer M2 models price should be closer to the same personalized models Kia Soul. Taking into account the space and the displacement differences, Hafer M2 should be slightly lower price than the Soul, way, Hafer M2, the highest price you should be less than 100,000 yuan.

Pimp a coolbear :_)

The Greatwall Coolbear certainly is cool, but it doesn’t look like a bear. One person has tried to make a pimp coolbear, but CCT cant help but think that money would have been better spent on something else.


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