¥988,000-128,8000 | 3.0 turbo and 4.0 turbo engine | 4×4 4WD

Another suv from BAW (Beijing Auto Works, Beiqi) and a one we didn’t see coming. It’s called the B90 and BAW almost kept it completely secret until Friday when the Beijing Auto Show starts. Almost. The B90 is a large suv in Range Rover style, very nice indeed. No word yet on engines but the front loox big enough for a V8.

BAW brings this huge B90 SUV to the Beijing Auto Show. To make it up with the greenies it is a hybrid. No further information available now. Loox like a decent machine, bit Range Rover and a bit Toyota but with enough BAW in its lines.

The B90 is a concept for a large size SV from BAW, Beijing Auto Works, and because the times are changing it is a hybrid. But!, with a 5.7 litre V8 with 248kw and 498nm. No info available on the electric engine which makes me hope it isn’t actually there. Size: 5220x2010x2000, wheelbase is 2950.