Angela Merkel sparks Twitter Meltdown after blaming ‘British virus’ for coronavirus surge

ANGELA MERKEL has come under fire on social media after naming a new and more infectious strain of Covid-19 the “British virus”.

A number of commentators compared the comment to Donald Trump labelling coronavirus the “China virus” which saw him labelled as “racist”. According to German newspaper Bild Ms Merkel warned the situation would spiral out of control without tough measures.

She commented: “If we don’t manage to stop this British virus, then we will have 10 times the number of cases by Easter.

“We need eight to 10 more weeks of tough measures,’ Bild quoted Merkel as saying.”

Mr Trump began calling Covid-19 the “China virus” in spring 2020.

Speaking to reporters he insisted this was “not racist at all” as “it comes from China, I want to be accurate”.

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