2021 GAC M8 7 Seater Walkaround

Price: around $38,940
Size: 508918841822mm; wheelbase:3000mm
Fuel Consumption: 8.3L/100km
Engine: 2.0T L4, 185kW/252Ps, 390N.m
Gearbox: 8AT
0-100 km/h: sec.
Top Speed(km/h):
Tire Size: 225/55 R18

3 thoughts on “2021 GAC M8 7 Seater ($38,940)”
  1. It seems that protective front bumpers are passé….and have now been replaced by we might call, “crushables”.
    GAC seems to have followed the lead of Toyota in this regard.
    High curbs in the parking lot will keep the body shops busy, and happy.

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