HJ-10 Red Arrow 10 Anti Tank Missile


This type of missile is equipped with a seeker and an optical fiber coil. After the missile is launched, the optical fiber is used to maintain the link with the launch vehicle. The image in the seeker is transmitted back to the display console through the optical fiber and receives upload control commands. The shooter can accurately identify the target to be destroyed from most targets by observing the image (that is, the missile can be launched without locking the target in advance, allowing “blind shooting” in a concealed state) and controlling the missile to fly to the target.




The Hongjian-10 has an armor-breaking capability of more than 1,000 mm and a range of up to 10 kilometers. A Red Arrow-10 anti-tank missile company consisting of 9 launch vehicles can destroy 60 to 70 vehicles in a range of 10 kilometers in 4 minutes, the European and American third-generation main battle tanks including M1A2.

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