child theme’s style.css not working

It does not overwrite the parent style.css. WHY?

OK, after half hour, remembered before I had same problem, caused by browser cache.

So in Firefox, clear the cache: then it works

Chrome Browser: switch to Incognito mode

  • In Incognito mode, then no previous old cache is used, so you will get the newly changed style.css
  • But during the Incognito session, there will be cache again
  • So you need to switch ON / OFF Incognito, so use a new Incognito window to get the new style.css used


  • Just use Chrome to do the element inspection
  • But use the Incognito mode to do the Element Inspection, then you see the effect of your style.css changes

Chrome: Ctrl +F5 ==> reload style.css too

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