Xpeng G3 C-IASI crash test result: GOOD

2020 1月14日,中保研公布了2019年第二批中国保险汽车安全指数管理中心(C-IASI)小鹏G3的测试结果,这也是中保研首批参与测试的纯电动车型。在本次碰撞测试中,获得了三项优秀,一项较差的评价。

On January 14, 2020, China Insurance Research Institute announced the test results of the second batch of China Insurance Automobile Safety Index Management Center (C-IASI)

Xiaopeng G3 from 2019, which is also the first batch of pure electric vehicles that China Insurance Research Institute participated in testing.

In this crash test, three excellent and one poor evaluation were obtained.


Among them, the vehicle’s occupant safety index, vehicle layman’s safety index, and vehicle’s auxiliary safety index received excellent (G) evaluations, while it received poor (P) evaluations on crashworthiness and maintenance economic indexes.


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