LiXiang ONE Six-Seater Hybrid SUV

1. The car is over 5 meters long and the wheelbase is close to 3 meters;

2. The central control uses 4 screens and has a high level of intelligence;

3. Ningde Times CATL provides a battery pack that can be powered by a 1.2T range extender and supports charging piles Fast charge / slow charge, it takes half an hour to charge up to 80%;

4. The battery life is 148 kilometers (data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), and after the range extender is powered, the comprehensive battery life is 800 kilometers (NEDC conditions ), High-speed fuel consumption will be higher than urban fuel consumption;

5. Front and rear dual motors can achieve electric four-wheel drive. 6. Enjoy preferential policies related to new energy vehicles.

Ideal ONE is equipped with a DAM12TD type 1.2-liter turbocharged three-cylinder range extender + front and rear dual motors provided by Harbin Dongan Power. The maximum power output of the entire power system is 240 kW (326 hp) and the maximum torque is 530. Nm, the official 0-100 km / h acceleration time is 6.5 seconds.

PRICE: 320,000 Yuan = $45,000

1. 车长超5米,轴距接近3米;
2. 中控采用4块屏幕,智能化水平高;
3. 宁德时代提供电池组,可由1.2T的增程器供能,亦支持充电桩快充/慢充,快充至80%电量需用半小时;
4. 纯电续航里程为148公里(工信部数据),而经过增程器供能后,综合续航里程为800公里(NEDC工况),高速油耗会高于市区油耗;
5. 前后双电机,可实现电动四驱。
6. 可享受新能源车辆相关政策优惠。


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