GAC Aion S E-Sedan

The Aion S is a compact electric sedan produced by GAC Group’s New Energy division’s Aion sub-brand. It was revealed at Auto Guangzhou of 2018.

The Aion S has many competitors in the compact electric sedan market, such as the BJEV EU5 (by Senova), Geometry A (by Geely), and the more expensive Tesla Model 3. The Aion S is GAC’s New Energy division’s aim at a larger yet more affordable Tesla Model 3 competitor with the starting price of 160,000 Chinese yuan or 23,758 US dollars or 18,034 British pounds.

The ‘S’ in Aion S stands for sedan, similar to that of the Tesla Model S’s name.

Aion S的噪音控制方面,因为没有发动机的噪音,‍‍所以车内的‍‍静音效果也很好,‍‍但是在开快了之后电机的啸叫声有点大,虽然不算吵,‍‍但大大‍‍影响了‍‍高级感,‍‍对于这方面还是有一定提升空间的,‍‍在换代或者改款的时候将电机的声音,‍‍再进行压低一些,但是对于胎噪和风噪抑制的还算到位。‍

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