MG seems to have a strong asset with the ZS EV, a fully electric crossover that is comparable in size to a Nissan Qashqai. The MG namely has a starting price of just under 30 mille (€ 29,990) and with that it may not be the cheapest electric car in our country, but it is the cheapest EV of this size. MG already indicated that the model can be ordered online, but where you could go for your maintenance was still guessing. Until today.

MG reports that it has entered into a partnership with the Van Mossel Automotive Group. Anyone who has purchased an MG ZS EV can go to sixty locations of that dealer holding for service and maintenance. In addition, MG not only opens a so-called ‘Brand Store’ in Amsterdam, but also one in Breda. Here the ZS EV can be viewed up close and there is the possibility to take a test drive. The sale of the car, which according to MG is almost immediately available, is done online.