Audi RS 7 2016 model

奥迪RS 7当时的厂商指导价格为153.98万元

2016 price: $240,000 in China

5012×1911×1414mm,wheelbase 2920mm

In terms of power, the Audi RS 7 is equipped with an 8-cylinder 4.0T twin-turbo engine with a maximum engine power of 445kW, a maximum horsepower of 605Ps and a peak torque of 750N·m. It is matched with an 8-speed manual transmission. With such a powerful power, the acceleration time of this car is only 3.7 seconds, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 10L/100km. Audi RS 7 uses a load-bearing body, electric power steering, full-time four-wheel drive with Tosson differential, front suspension type is lightweight four-link independent suspension, rear suspension type is trapezoidal connecting rod Independent suspension.

在动力上,奥迪RS 7搭载了一台8缸 4.0T双涡轮增压发动机,发动机最大功率为445kW,最大马力为605Ps,巅峰扭矩为750N·m,匹配的是8挡手自一体变速箱,在如此强大的动力上使得这款车百公里加速时间仅为3.7秒,工信部综合油耗为10L/100km。奥迪RS 7采用的是承载式车身,电动助力转向,全时四驱带有托森式差速器,前悬架类型为轻质四连杆式独立悬架,后悬架类型为梯形连杆式独立悬架。

The streamlined feel of the Audi RS 7 is very strong, and the design of the back is very visually impactful. The waistline of the Audi RS 7 has a waistline that is connected to the taillight from the headlights, which improves the identification of the vehicle.

As a medium and large car, the Audi RS 7 has a length and width of 5012×1911×1414mm and a wheelbase of 2920mm.

This model is equipped with UV/insulating glass and supports front/rear power windows. The whole car window supports one-button lifting function, and also has a full-vehicle window anti-pinch function. The exterior rear view mirror supports electric adjustment. Function and electric folding function, also supports the rearview mirror heating function and memory function.

When reversing, the rearview mirror will automatically fall down. When the car is locked, the rearview mirror will automatically fold, which is very ritual, and the inner mirror has automatic Anti-glare function. The 273/35 R20 tires are equipped with a multi-spoke aluminum alloy wheel to further enhance the sporty feel of the vehicle.

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