Sonata: Black horse of the B-class sedan

In China: Nowadays, the B-class sedan market is the battlefield between several major joint-venture car companies. It is also a reflection of the technology and strength of an auto company. Therefore, the competition in this model field is the most intense and cruel, and may appear. The death of the star, the starvation of starvation, the B-class car is basically occupied by the Accord, Camry, Scorpio and Passat, most of the market, the rest will survive in the cracks. Then, for the Korean model car company, which is the first in the face value configuration, there is a new action, which will set off a storm in the automobile industry. Today, the old summer is to say that this Korean tenth-generation B-class sedan – Sonata, a few years ago can be said that Hyundai is the “king” of the B-class.


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