Problems of Chinese Football National Team

Watch this match: 2019.03.25

2019.03.25 中国VS乌兹别克斯坦 全场录像

Summary of Chinese Team’s related problems:

  • Football field is so crap (now improved a lot)
  • No prof football stadiums (only one by Shanghai Shenhua)
  • Players have no basic skill to control the ball to pass the ball
  • It has little to do with coaches, the players are themselves not good enough, then talking about tactics is like nonsense
  • They don’t know how to play the ball, compare that to Korea, it is like no-football sense.
  • There is barely a team style play, compared that to how Japan plays, it is like a amateurs.
  • They should select a dedicated professional national team match stadium with top level field, they don’t know this is so important.

Korea 2:1 Colombia

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