Road test: 2019 Haval H6


Confidence will get a long way in life, regardless of ability. Look at public schoolboys. Or Robbie Williams. And you certainly couldn’t accuse the Haval H6, the Chinese brand’s latest SUV to be launched in the UAE, of lacking pluck in its presentation.

In following a growing trend for cars that project an illuminated logo from their front doors, broadcast via blooming great big red letters that stretch for half a metre in the H6’s case, Haval seems to be saying: “Don’t be ashamed. You own a Haval. Let everybody know. It’s cool.”

That could be tough talk from a carmaker that is relatively unknown in the UAE, but why shouldn’t it be confident? In China, Haval shifts more than 100,000 units a month. The H6 accounts for about 40 per cent of those sales. That’s close to half a million H6s hitting the roads every 12 months. Given it has been on sale since 2011, there are probably about as many of these compact SUVs out there than there are people living in Abu Dhabi and Dubai combined.

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