What is the average salary in Istanbul Turkey

This moment of Lira crisis, US$1 = 6.6 TRY/Lira
This means: 1 Lira = 1 Chinese Yuan (RMB)

Enes S. Sar, lives in Istanbul

Answered Oct 16, 2017

As of 2017, the minimum wage is TRY 1404 after taxes (1780 TRY before taxes) per month. In Turkey, everybody uses the monthly net salary as the figure when you ask about their salaries.

Istanbul is a city where salaries are highest compared to other cities in Turkey; and where consumer price index is highest as well.

There is no straight answer to this question because the question is very broad. The minimum wage is certainly not enough to survive in Istanbul where rents skyrockets year by year due to the nondecremental internal migration to Istanbul.

Making over TRY 10.000 (TRY 16.000 gross) is considered very good and only people with a specialty (i.e. doctors, experienced engineers, senior judges, mid level executives etc.) can reach this salary per month after taxes.

Our teachers in public schools make TRY 3.000 on an average. For a non-skilled worker, my guess is the average net salary per month is TRY 2.000.

I used Turkish Lira but not USD or EUR since our currency is too volatile these days.

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