Haima Family F5

1.6 Liter

网易汽车5月16日报道 多年前,海马福美来也曾在市场中有一席之地,不过随着越来越多中国品牌的崛起,福美来和一汽海马近几年的表现确实有些消沉了,一台扭转局面的新车对于福美来家族和海马来说都显得尤为迫切,刚刚闭幕的北京车展上,全新的福美来F5正式亮相了,这是一款肩负重任的新车,同时还是一台从未如此年轻时尚的海马。

海马福美来F5重庆正式上市 售价5.98万-9.28万

Netease Automobile reported on May 16th that many years ago, the Haima Fumeilai had also had a place in the market. However, with the rise of more and more Chinese brands, the performance of Fukami and FAW Haima in recent years has indeed been somewhat depressing. The new car is particularly urgent for the Fukami family and the seahorse. At the just-concluded Beijing auto show, the new Fukumi F5 officially unveiled. This is a new car with heavy responsibility and is a hippocampus that has never been so young and fashionable.