China’s Type 055 Super Destroyer

(CNN)China’s navy is getting bigger and better and doing it at a speed unmatched by any nation around the globe.

Earlier this month, the People’s Liberation Army Navy launched two 13,000-ton Type 055 guided-missile destroyers — Asia’s largest, most sophisticated and most lethal combat ships.

“This ship in particular has a sophisticated design, stealth features, radars, and a large missile inventory. It is larger and more powerful than most US, Japanese, and South Korean destroyers,” said Rand Corp. senior analyst Timothy Heath.

According to a report by China Daily, posted on the PLA’s English-language website, the Type 055 will have double the firepower of China’s Type 052D destroyers, which it said are currently “the largest and most powerful surface combatant commissioned in the PLA Navy.”

China says each new destroyer will have 112 vertical launch tubes, from which it can fire long-range attack missiles, the equivalent of the US Navy’s Tomahawk missile used as recently as Washington’s strikes in Syria this year.

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  1. 艇的性能越高,技术越先进,排水量每吨的造价也就越高。055驱逐舰的标准排水量接近11000吨,每吨的造价至少要60万,算下来一艘055的价格要接近70亿,也就是10亿美金。再来看看航空母舰。辽宁号航空母舰虽然是以2000万美金的价格购买,但在服役前对其进行了大量、全方位的改造,成本并不低,整个辽宁舰的改造费用在150—200亿之间。而首艘国产航母的排水量与辽宁舰相当,标准排水量在55000吨左右,整个建造花费超过300亿,也就是40多亿美金,这样看来,四艘055的造价就相当于一艘辽宁号航空母舰,当然,这只是指的建造费用,辽宁号航空母舰还会搭载数十架各式舰载机,实际造价要远超300亿。

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