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  1. 据越南统计总局数据,今年前8个月来自中国的新投资居首位,金额达18.7亿美元,占外商新投资额逾五分之一。自由财经报道认为,这显示许多中国企业为避免美国课征的高额关税正在撤出中国生产线,转向越南投资设厂。对此有经济专家提醒,要警惕中资借越南“洗产地”的风险。



    According to the statistics of the General Statistics Bureau of Vietnam, new investment from China in the first eight months of this year ranked first, amounting to 1.87 billion US dollars, accounting for more than one-fifth of foreign investment. Free Finance reported that this shows that many Chinese companies are withdrawing from the Chinese production line to avoid the high tariffs imposed by the US, and turn to Vietnam to set up factories. In response to this, some economic experts have warned that we should be wary of the risk of Chinese capital borrowing from Vietnam.

    In terms of new investment cases, China invested US$1.87 billion in Vietnam in the first eight months of this year, which is the largest foreign investment, and has surpassed China’s official statistics. Last year, it invested 1.23 billion US dollars in non-financial investment in Vietnam; South Korea and Japan separated. Second and third, the investment amount was 1.72 billion and 1.18 billion US dollars respectively; Hong Kong and Singapore ranked fourth and fifth respectively with 1.1 billion and 1.03 billion US dollars, and Thailand and Taiwan ranked sixth and seventh with 438 million and 374 million US dollars respectively. .


  2. 中美贸易战发展难料,许多中资企业纷纷转向越南投资,盼能躲避高关税。越南统计总局最新数据显示,今年前7个月,中国对越南投资金额达17.8亿美元,成为最大投资国。

    China is the biggest foreign investor in Vietnam

    VEPR said that China had become the biggest foreign investor in Vietnam with $723.2 million capital poured into Vietnam in Q1. It was followed by Singapore with $690.8 million, South Korea $547.3 million and Hong Kong $456.4 million.



  3. Chinese naval ships set for first visit to Vietnam’s Cam Ranh international port


    Vietnam will receive three Chinese warships from Saturday at its newly-opened Cam Ranh international port, a provincial government official said on Thursday, following a similar visit by U.S. vessels last month.

    The visit will run from Saturday until October 26, an official of the external relations department of Vietnam’s central province of Khanh Hoa, where the port is located, told Reuters.

    The official, who declined to be identified because of lack of authorization to speak to the media, gave no further details.

    The visit will be the first by Chinese navy ships to Cam Ranh, state-controlled news website VnExpress said, adding that 750 Chinese military personnel would participate in activities with Vietnam’s navy.


    Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

    Vietnam’s invitation to China, although the two nations are at odds over the South China Sea, is in line with the Communist Party’s stated goal of a balanced foreign policy that favors no country, even as ties with Washington are at their warmest yet.

    Since opening early this year the international port has hosted ships from several countries including France, Japan, Singapore and the United States.

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