Japan’s Most Terrifying Bridge: Eshima Ohashi

日本最恐 江島大橋

It’s been nicknamed the ROLLER COASTER BRIDGE because of it’s super steep slope and appearance of being a bridge to the sky.

That’s the Eshima Ohashi Bridge straddling Shimane and Tottori prefecture in Japan.

Facts about the Eshima Ohashi:
★ 1,446 meters long
★ 250 meters of continupus concrete in the center (the third longest Ramen bridge in the world!)
★ 6.1% grade slope on the Shimane Prefecture side
★ 5.1% grade on the Tottori side
★ The bridge needed to be high in the center to allow large shops to pass under.
☆ From the Shimane side, you can get the optical illusion view at the end of the street by the sea.
☆ If you have a good telephoto lens, go even further to the other side of the sea for a better shot. (Map below)

The bridge has a good pedestrian footpath on both sides of the road.
Bicycles are not allowed on the footpath so stay on the main road with the car, to the left side.
There is an observation point on the top that offers sweeping views all the way to Daisen (mountain).

The closest major access point is Yonago Station and airport on the Sea of Japan. From there, take a train to Sakaiminato and rent a bicycle or grab a taxi.

Sakaiminato is also famous for Japanese anime and the main street is like a museum of monsters!

The bridge is a 20 minute ride from Sakai Minato.
Take food with you from the station.

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