Haval H6 Remains the No.1 SUV Brand in China with Sales of 30,079 units in July

According to the lately released automobile production and sales data of China in April, as a result of proactive promotion under the circumstance of slowdown in current automobile market, the overall sales of Great Wall Motors’ vehicles saw significant increase with a total of 79,607 units sold in April, and HAVAL H6, a leader in SUV market, topped the automobile sales list in China.

HAVAL H6 Leading the List of Monthly Automobile Sales

2016 April, HAVAL H6 achieved a sales volume of 43,900 vehicles, an increase up to 42.83% over the same period, and continued to win the champion of SUV sales once again, topping the list of automobile sales for the first time.

Gasgoo (Shanghai, August 10th)—Sales of Great Wall Motor Company Limited (short for GWM), one of leading automakers in China, were reportedly 68,976 units in July this year, increasing by 45.38% year on year, which include 60,002 units of SUVs with a yearly rise of 50.26%. And total sales have been 519,228 units with a year-on-year increase of 12.2% from January to July.

Sales of Haval H6 in July were 30,079 units, increasing by 69.26% year on year, which,undoubtedly, wasthe best performance in the SUV market. Sales of Haval H2 were 10,073 units with a slight yearly rise, due to decreasing demands of small SUVs. But sales of Haval H1 were 3,636 units, increasing by 42.92% year on year. Sales of Haval H5 were 1,530 units, which was affected by positioning.

Haval H6 Coupe:

Sales of Haval H7 were 4,079 units with a slight monthly rise. Targeting at promising segment may further drive development of H7 in the future.

Sales of Great Wall C30, the only mode of car, were 1,286 units with a yearly rise of 17.34%, which may not show any trend of fluctuation in the following months. The plan to develop alternative energy cars has still remained in the drafting phase.

Sales of Pick-ups were 7,688 units with a yearly rise of 36.43%. And total sales were 60,138 units with a slight rise of 3.06% year on year in the first seven months, which can be referred to be success given the recessive market.

There were 1,681 units of vehicles exported with a decrease of 28.28% in July, due to changes in global situation and currencies.