Premier League sides ranked by average height: From shortest to tallest

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I’ve done some research on statistics concerning the World Cup and one fact I find quite interesting is the average height of the teams. I didn’t expect the differences to be that big, also it shows how the game becomes more and more physical. Most countries have a team much taller than their national average to match their physical style of play (Korea, Brasil, C.Rica) and no country has a below-average team (as i reckon) , which contradicts the old chliché that football players are rather short.

Serbia 185,1
Croatia 184,6
Czech Rep 184,5
Germany 184,2
Sweden 184,2
Australia 184,1
Holland 183,8
Poland 183,8
Schwitzerland 183,5
Italy 182,9
France 182,7
Ukraine 182,7
Tunesia 182,6
England 182,4
Togo 182,3
Trinidad 181,9
USA 181,3
Brasil 181,0
Iran 180,8
Ghana 180,4
Paraguay 180,4
Korea 180,3
Costa Rica 180,1
Angola 179,7
Spain 179,6
Ivory Coast 179,6
Portugal 179,5
Ecuador 179,0
Japan 178,7
Saudi Arabia 177,3
Mexiko 176,6
Argentine 175,4