Youxia X electric car

Youxia X is targeting Tesla Model 3

Youxia = 游侠 = Knight Rider

American ‘Knight Rider‘ television series (霹雳游侠), starring a car called KITT and a man called David Hasselhoff.

Youxia X:
Engine: Pure Electric
Range: 460KM

0-100 acceleration of 5.6 seconds

Price: $32.000 – $48.000

Production to begin in 2017 by Youxia Motors in Shanghai.

中国内地的游侠电动刚刚发布旗下首款纯电动汽车-YOUXIA X (游侠 X),相信单看
这款电动车大家便会联想到 TESLA,不过大家别误会,它只是结合了 TESLA 的开源
专利,暂时只有蓝色选择,明年开始接受预订,预计最快 2017 年上市

The 28-year-old (!) Youxia founder, Huang Xiuyuan, is a big fan of Knight Rider and that is to abandon the car. Behind the black “grille” is a hidden LCD screen that can display various animations. During the presentation was amongst others the renowned red illumination of KITT to see. Additionally called the operating system of the car KITT OS (no kidding). The system gives you include the opportunity to play the engine noise for example, the Ferrari laferrari or Jaguar F-Type over the speakers.

Tesla S

Youxia X

最新潮游侠电动车YOUXIA X


从前脸到尾灯,看上去有种特斯拉的即视感,连Logo一个大大的“Y”都与特斯拉的“T”出奇的神似。不过游侠创始人黄修源在开始造车第一天就不回避山寨之说,而毫不犹豫的说就是模仿特斯拉。但正如模仿是创新的开始,用模仿来向原创致敬! WHAT THE FK?

游侠电动车团队拆解后的特斯拉MODEL S外壳

特斯拉经典车型MODEL S

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