China made armored police car

Sabertooth Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)

Saber-toothed tiger is Chinese police special explosion-proof armored vehicles, 6.7 meters car length, 2.36 meters wide and three meters high, the body of overlapping ballistic structure design. Until now, only a few cities to introduce this new type of armored vehicles worth more than 160 million. Professionals, saber-toothed tiger armored vehicles, special vehicles, using V10 engine, power is very large. After the twin design, high-speed four-wheel drive, for a variety of road conditions. Car a top speed of 130 km / h, in the tire tread configuration, following the line break, a rear flat tire can continue to travel 80 kilometers. “Saber-toothed tiger” typical military bulletproof design, the middle raised on both sides of the body is divided into two inclined planes, plus the front windshield and the engine pods with an angle, forming a plurality of inclined, this can greatly reduce the bullets invasion Toru force, prone to ricochet phenomenon, reduce the risk.

It is reported that, equipped with the “saber-toothed tiger” search lights, tear gas guns, lifting lights, sound waves disperse, electric winches and other devices, as well as a full range of infrared video system. Including all types of vehicle glass can withstand rifle fire, and a plurality of shooting holes in the body, to ensure effective against the special police car or outside the car criminals attack. Saber-toothed tiger protection rating of C, and on a distance of 20 meters, can effectively prevent Type 95 rifle fired bullets through, a “top products.” It is worth mentioning that the saber-toothed tiger armored vehicles also defense AK-74, M16 assault rifles, in line with the European B6 ballistic level requirements, so the “saber-toothed tiger,” the future may also be out of the country, the implementation of international peacekeeping and anti-terrorism missions. (Yangtze Evening News reporter Chen Zhu Dan Reuters correspondent Yong)


  据悉,“剑齿虎”上装有搜索灯、催泪炮、升降照明灯、声波驱散器、电动绞盘等装置,还有全方位红外摄录系统。整车包括玻璃都能经得起各类步枪的扫射,并在车身设置多个射击孔,可确保车内的特警有效抵御或攻击车外的歹徒。剑齿虎防护等级为C级,在20米距离上,能有效防止95式步枪发射子弹的贯穿,属于“顶级产品”。值得一提的是,剑齿虎装甲车还可防御AK-74、M16步枪的攻击,符合欧洲B6防弹级别的要求,因此“剑齿虎”未来还可以走出国门,执行国际维和或反恐任务。(扬子晚报网讯通讯员 朱丹 记者 陈咏)

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