Landwind X7 2015 Shanghai Auto Show

尺寸方面,陆风X7的轴距达到2670mm,比极光的2660mm略长,悬架系统则使用麦弗逊独立前悬架和多连杆独立后悬架。新车轮胎选用玛吉斯品牌,规格为255/50 R19,比极光的245/45 R20轮胎要宽,轮圈样式也很时尚。

Dimensions, Landwind X7 wheelbase 2670mm, 2660mm slightly longer than the aurora, the suspension system is used McPherson independent front suspension and multi-link independent rear suspension. Maxxis brand new car tire selection, specifications for 255/50 R19, 245/45 R20 tires than Range Rover rim style is also very stylish.

该车装配了10.2英寸的多媒体显示屏、一键启动、雪地/运动驾驶模式、ESP电子稳定控制、前雷达、电子手刹、自动空调、蓝牙电话以 及导航系统等。

The car is equipped with 10.2 inches of multimedia display, a key to start, snow / sport driving mode, ESP electronic stability control, front radar, electronic parking brake, automatic air conditioning, Bluetooth phone and navigation systems.


Power, the new car will be powered by a model from Mitsubishi for 4G63S4T the 2.0T turbocharged petrol engine, the maximum output power of 140kW, maximum torque of 250N · m, and transmission parts will match the 8-speed automatic transmission.


Not bad at all