Dutch football club ADO welcomes new Chinese owner

ADO = Alles Door Oefening Den Haag

Ook het logo van ADO Den Haag heeft de kleuren groen en geel. Centraal in dit logo staat de ooievaar, de vogel die ook het symbool van de stad Den Haag is.

Ooievaar = 鹳 GUAN stork

Chinese United Vansen buys Dutch Football Club ADO Den Haag

United Vansen International Sport


Dutch football club ADO welcomes new Chinese owner

2014-06-24 13:54:24 Xinhua English

THE HAGUE, June 24 (Xinhua) — More than one-hundred-year old Dutch football club ADO Den Haag, welcomes its new Chinese owner, China United Vansen Sports company, the club announced Tuesday.

“The purchase won’t change any Dutch football attribute of ADO Den Haag, only except a more ambitious goal with a bit more financial investment,” Li Chun, Dong Dao CEO, who arranged this purchase, told Xinhua.

ADO Den Haag, founded in 1905, ranked 9th in Dutch Eredivisie (first league) last season.

“We will keep ADO as a typical Dutch club, the management team, commercial and marketing team, the technical team and youth academy will be all operated by Dutch experts,” Li continued, “ADO will keep its logo, color, and all the traditions.”

According to Dong Dao, “more ambitious goal” means to achieve the best position ADO ever had in Dutch league and try to join Europa League in a few seasons, while eventually also enter into Champions league.

Both ADO and the buyer didn’t leak the exact money of this purchase. However, an extra fund of five to ten millions Euro will be invested by United Vansen Sports for those goals.

Actually, Dong Dao isn’t a new face to the Dutch Eredivisie. The company based in The Hague for more than 20 years, became a major sponsor of AZ Alkmaar, Dutch KNVB Cup champion in 2013, a few seasons ago, which made the company the first and only Chinese sponsor of Dutch top football event. The company has been appointed by Dutch football association KNVB to promote world coach program all over China recently as well.

The new owner, United Vansen Sports is another veteran. Taking football as core business, the company has successfully organized Italian super cup in Beijing three times already, is going to held French supercup in Beijing in August 2014 and also has exclusivity of all the right of Spanish national team in China. Especially, the CEO of United Vansen himself loves football, plays football and is a super football fans.

With the new Chinese background, ADO may also receive millions Chinese football fans and a huge market.

“There are approximately a billion football fans in China, and some of them might follow ADO games from now on, which provide a huge market for TV right, merchandise and business opportunity between Holland and China.”

Li hopes also to promote Dutch football through ADO to China, to help Chinese football development.

“As side effect, there will be more Chinese players, teams and coaches to be trained in ADO, which could make ADO a symbol of Dutch football in China.”

“This purchase thus will be good for every party, good for ADO, good for the fans from both countries, and also good for the international image of The Hague as a city, and the Netherlands as a country,” Li added, “and good for Chinese football development.”

ADO Den Haag in Chinese handen