China being the largest market for Peugeot in 2014

Traditionally France has always been the largest market for Peugeot, but in 2014 France becomes #2, because China will take over France to be the largest taker of Peugeot cars.

Peugeot has a joint venture in China, DongFeng Motors.

All the Peugeots sold in China are produced by DongFeng-Peugeot.

No wonder, why I see more and more Peugeots on Chinese streets, and Peugeot is good looking modern fashion car.

In 2014, a total of 370.000 Peugeot cars will be sold in China, while about 300,000 units will be sold in France.

Since DongFeng has become a larget share holder of PSA, we can expect that more and more Peugeots will see their life shining in China.

Welcome in China

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